Asiana Bridal Show 2013 Catwalk Review: Ziggi Studio

In an earlier post we mentioned the amazingly appropriate introduction for the Ziggi Studio & Harkirans catwalk show segment – for those who were unable to attend the show in January 2013 or if you just want a reminder of the gorgeous designs in this segment, check out the Ziggi Studio & Harkirans Collection video! 

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For the Asiana Bridal Show 2013, Ziggi Studio teamed up with Harkirans to show off perfectly styled sherwani’s and lenghas. Both the collections were styled with beautiful jewelled accessories from Kyles Collection.  

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This collaboration segment of the catwalk was my outright favourite of the entire show. With the dimmed lights and the serene musical introduction, the scene was set.  Ziggi Studio segments usually reflect their collections perfectly and this time was no different. A gorgeously attired dancer glided onto stage and performed a beautiful Kathak dance performance, followed not long after by two amazing female drummers – the combination of the music and the dancing automatically grabbed your attention and created an atmosphere of tradition, elegance and regality.

The Spring/Summer collection from Ziggi Studio was entitled “UROOZ” (versatile) and featured a beautiful array of maroon and gold tones and embroidered finishings; including Parsi cut work, Naksi work and slightly more contemporary, foil printing. The classic styles had a fresh edge but still retained their traditional feel & it was easy to recognize the inspiration behind the designs: the culture, architecture and rustic beauty of old India.

The combination of the hand and machine embroidery, matka, jute and Zari silk fabrics expressed the traditional eminence of the collection, and the use of brocades and divine velvets gave the outfits that little bit of extra depth. In keeping with the inspiration from old India, the Angarakha and Kali cut silhouettes confirmed the imperial brilliance of this collection. 

Apart from the gorgeous fabrics and beautifully unique designs, I feel there’s one more important point which makes the Ziggi Studio collections stand out to me. The fact that from their conception to their presentation they never fail to stay true to what they are; beautifully majestic outfits that bring the historical beauty of early India into the limelight of the 21st century.  Ziggi Studio outfits don’t need to adapt to today’s culture of minimalism; they’ve rightfully and successfully claimed their place in today’s fashion scene and are reminding us of the glorious, distinct magnificence of our ancient roots.

The collection kicked off with three sherwanis in bright red and maroon tones; made with beautiful brocade velvet fabrics. These intensely rich sherwanis were finished beautifully with well-placed embroidery on the collars and cuffs. While it may seem like a small point to notice, I have to say the piece which caught my eye was the gorgeous scarf which was paired with the third outfit, as the model walked down the catwalk you saw a lovely flash of rich green which in my opinion, made the whole outfit so much more interesting. 

The collection continued on to introduce some beautiful smooth cream and pale gold men’s sherwanis. These were covered (almost) from head to toe in exquisite antique gold tone embroidery. In my opinion, these outfits would be incredibly appropriate for anyone opting for a summer wedding – they were just as majestic as those in the darker tones, but so much brighter and would look amazing against the backdrop of an outdoor summer wedding.

The final outfit of the collection was completely appropriate as the closing piece of the segment; it was a gorgeous, rich deep tone of green and bronze gold combined with beautiful and entirely exquisite embroidery. I loved absolutely everything about this outfit, from the placement of the embroidery around the shoulders and chest, down to the contrasting tone of the trouser it was paired with. The embroidery used on the outfit encapsulated the majestic feel of the collection; while the tone of green fabric was stunningly unique.

Playing to their strengths; for this collection Ziggi Studio concentrated on the finer details – the placement of the embroidery on all the outfits was slightly quirky but at the same time well planned; the combinations of the traditional & experimental fabrics showed off the adaptability of their designer; while the simple but eye catching styling of the outfits revealed their ingenuity.

Again the collection from Ziggi Studio was everything it was expected to be and as always, didn’t fail to live up to its name. The exquisite collection combined authentic traditional embroideries with a gorgeous range of colour. Showcasing this set of versatile outfits, Ziggi Studio confirmed that the need for opulence and regal style is undeniably alive in the 21st Century. 

The Ziggi Studio collection will also be featuring in the upcoming issue of Asiana Magazine (it’s available on-line & you can view previous issues too!).

Event Concept & Production: Asiana

Asiana Creative Director: Anisha Vasani

Photography: Rafyl Photography & Swani Gulshan 

Official Make-Up Artist: Ambreen MUA

Official Hairstylist: Aamir Naveed Hair

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